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With the Holidays rapidly approaching, we wanted to let you all know our impending plans for the Cape Fear Mix and Mingle.  Our next event is being held on January 30, 2016 from 7pm-10pm at Tmuffin, which has been the home to the CFMM for the last few years.  As many of you may know, this event will be the last event held at the Tmuffin play space as they will be closing their doors after the CFMM is over.  Although we are sad to see such an integral part of our community close, we are pleased to have been part of their amazing community of families, friends and businesses alike.

Now what does that mean for the Cape Fear Mix & Mingle?  Well…Gaby and I are happy to say that it will continue on!  We will expand our horizons and begin branching out to other area facilities to host this wonderful event.  We have been approached several times in the past by other local venus wanting to host the event and we feel like this is a wonderful opportunity to not only help promote our vendors that attend, but to also give area businesses a chance to host the event at their facilities as well.  We are looking forward to this fun, new endeavor of finding area spaces to bring the CFMM to on a regular basis.  As always, we would like to offer variety and “fairness” to businesses who want to host the events, so we will be changing the venue for each event, allowing many local businesses the chance to “show us what they’ve got”!

Our spring event, planned for April 30, 2016 is our Family Event and we are currently looking for a family and kid friendly venue with tons of room (and parking) for indoor and outdoor vendors alike.  If you have recommendations or would like to see us hold this event somewhere specific, give us a shout!  As always, thank you all for your love, support and help as we try to bring our local businesses, families, charities and friends together!


All Our Love!


Becki & Gaby

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