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Vendor Tips

Thank you for being a vendor at the upcoming Cape Fear Mix & Mingle! We have produced several of these events, and have come up with a handy little list of vendor tips, tricks and recommendations that we have learned along the way to make the process easier for our vendors. Some are obvious (bring your setup stuff), some may not be as obvious as you’d think (bring change and receipts for cash-paying customers). So here’s some tips to making this a successful event for you and your business!

  • Promote, Promote, Promote!  Send a newsletter to your fans, post weekly on your Facebook page about the event details, join the Mix & Mingle vendor group and network, share the event with your church, friends, children’s schools (click here for the November 2016 CFMM Flyer that you can print and distribute).  Talk about the event, invite people personally.  The more promotion that you all do, the more people are likely to come and shop!  We do as much social media, email, media and door-to-door promotion as we can, but with 40 additional people helping out…can you image the return you could see from that?  Work together, get out there and share!
  • Be prepared – Assemble your setup items the night before: table, chair, tablecloth, products, business cards and business card holder, rack cards, pamphlets/informational paperwork about your business or services, credit card acceptor (square, paypal, etc…), change for cash-paying customers, receipts, calculator, promotional signage for the front and top of your table, raffle items (if you are doing your own raffle at your table), sign-up sheet (for newsletters, etc… a great way to capture contact information for customers, – your raffle tickets can double as your signup if you like), laptop (if needed), water and a snack (in case you don’t get a chance to walk around once the event starts), pens, name tag, etc…
  • Get there right at setup time – This gives you time to set up, get comfortable with the space, get to know some of the other vendors and do a little shopping yourself before the event starts. This time also gives you the opportunity to pick up something you may have forgotten (this happens more often then you’d think).
  • Be ready to mingle!  Yes, you may be at your table the entire event, but be inviting.  Stand in front of your table and greet people.  Say “Hi” and introduce yourself and your business.  Sounds obvious, but for first time vendors or shy people this can be difficult to do.  Remember, the attendees came here to see YOU and learn about your business.  If you want an easy way to break the ice, hand out free candies or coupons to everyone who comes to your table (everyone loves free stuff) and it gives you the opportunity to strike up a conversation.
  • Don’t break down early!  Break-down starts at 10pm, but see if some of the vendors need anything from you first before you break down.  Chances are that the other local business vendors want to shop around a bit too. You support their business, they support yours.  Create relationships with the other vendors…these connections come in handy later on and can build customers for life! Also, this is held at a public brewery in downtown Wilmington on a Saturday night for a reason! Keep the hourly crowd flow in mind…

If you have your own tips you would like us to share, please contact us!